Having a problem with your Excel sheet, cannot put your data into a presentable graph, or do not know how to make a conditional calculation? This is no longer a problem. Just send me your Excel sheet and I will fix it for you in a very short time. I’ll also document my solution to you so you can fix similar problems later by your own.

Just send me your excel sheet to ExcelClinic@office-gears.com and a full description of the problem and the required solution.

The service cost varies depending on the size of the problem and the length of work required. Please refer to the below table for guidance.

Services Cost (EGP) Time needed Follow up / support
Simple calculations 200 1 Day 2 Days
Conditional / complex calculations 500 1 Day 2 Days
Multiple sheet project 1000 2 Days 5 Days
Macro design 1200 5 Days 15 Days
Parametrization 100 1 Day 2 Days
Graph design 400 2 Days 5 Days
Report design / automation 1000 2 Days 5 Days
Graph fixes 200 1 Day 2 Days
Report fixes 250 2 Days 5 Days
Sheet fixes 250 2 Days 5 Days
Other Request quotation

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