A week ago, I was in Port Said to visit some relatives, and I decided to go to the fish market to buy some sea food. In Port Said you can always find a variety of excellent fresh fish either from Suiz Canal or the mediterranian sea.

When I entered the market, merchants started to draw my attention to buy from them, in fact they realized that I’m foreigner as I carried an icebox (it was a mistake..).

The market seemed to have everything you need to deliver fish as you want.

Here are the fish merchants

Fish merchants

and the ice crunchers

Ice cruncher
and the fish ovens to prepare the meal.

fish oven
Also I found a fish preparation stand (to clean the inside of the fish), a merchant for plastic bags, lemon, and spices.

It’s a one stop market from fish selection to meal preparation (w belhana wel-shefa – Bon appetit)

A visit to the fish market
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